Basement Level Kyo no chagura

Your Original Tea
Our tea expert staff (certified Japanese tea instructors) will show you how to make a cup of delicious Japanese tea or tell you tips on how to blend tealeaves to meet your preference.
1. Consulting
Please consult our tea expert staff about what type of Japanese tea you really want to drink.
Then staff will make a sample tea from the stock of different types of Japanese tealeaves.
2. Tasting
You can see, touch, smell and drink the sample Japanese tea.
3. Ordering
Our staff will make your own blend Japanese tea in the special workshop.
4. Packaging
Our staff will pack your tea in our original paper bag or special tea box.
Please specify which packaging or wrapping you prefer to have for your tea.
Work Shop
Our tea expert staff will politely show you tea or make a cup of delicious Gyokuro (super premium Japanese tea) and sencha(most popular Japanese tea). Please join us not only to drink, but touch, feel, smell the depth of Japanese tea.
■Uji course (60 min.) \2,200
Capacity: 1 to 6 persons at the same time.
Place: Basement Floor
The above prices do not include sales tax
Please contact us for details.
Please make a reservation in advance.

See more details our Tea Workshop

  • english
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Traditional Chinese Characters

English or chinese speaking concierge will make a reservation by phone.
-Until March 29, 2019-


A line of authentic Japanese tea products from Fukujuen.
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1st Floor Kyo no chaho

Limited Japanese Tea Products
Available only at Fukujuen Kyoto Flagship Store.
World famous Kyoto Imperial Culture.
Collaboration of Ujicha and Kyo-mono. (handicrafts of Kyoto)
Please drink authentic Ujicha, best Japanese tea available only at this store.
Ujicha Heiankyo
Fukujuen has launched a series of Japanese Tea called Ujicha Heiankyo to encourage as many people as possible to encounter Ujicha.
■Thin Matcha (20g/can) \2,160
premium powdered Japanese tea
■Gyokuro (100g/can) \7,560 / (50g/bag) \3,240
premium Japanese tea leaves
■Sencha (100g/can) \4,320 / (50g/bag) \1,620
Japanese tea leaves
Kyoto is the birthplace of Japanese Dynasty Culture. Ujicha has played a major role at the center of it. Fukujuen has launched a series of Tominokoji to mark the name of the street downtown Kyoto, on which the flagship store stands.
■Gyokuro Tea Bag (3gx10bags/can) \1,944
■Sencha Tea Bag (3gx10bags/can) \1,296

Ideal gifts from Japan! Popular Japanese tea Sencha and authentic Japanese tea Gyokuro in tea bags.
Yamashiro is the heart of Ujicha, located south of Kyoto. Fukujuen has been in the Japanese tea business in this village for more than 200 years. Fukujuen has launched a series of Kyotodensho (tradition of Kyoto) hoping to promote Ujicha to the world.
■Gyokuro Kinkaku
(70g/can) \3,240 / (50g/bag) \2,160
■Sencha Ginkaku
(90g/can) \2,160 / (50g/bag) \1,080

■Sencha Hachi-ju-hachi (50g/bag) \2,160

Other products are also available.
The above prices do not include sales tax


Our brand management strategy has been recognized and given awards as follows:
・Japan Package Design Award 2009
・Japan Package Design Competition Award
Catalog Download PDF
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Basement Level1F2F3F4F5F

3rd Floor Maison de Matsuda

French Restaurant using Ujicha (Japanese tea)
The walls of the dining room are colorfully decorated with works made by Mr hata Tokio, a living national treasure of Japan in the field of Yuzen kimono art craft. In such a gorgeous atmosphere, our executive chef is creating a variety of new, unprecedented French dishes using Japanese tea.
Lunch course
Please enjoy the combination between Ujicha (Japanese tea) and fresh seasonal ingredients such as local vegetables available only in Kyoto.
■Lunch \4,950 ~/person
・Appetizer 2 plates
・Seasonal potage soup (With edible Japanese green tea)
・Main dish
・Petit fours
Dinner course
Please enjoy our French cuisine from welcome Japanese tea to dessert all using Japanese tea. They will be served out for you in or on our original cups, bowls and plates made by traditional craftsmen in Kyoto. Please enjoy their works while eating.
■Dinner \9,350 ~/person
・Appetizer 2 plates
・Today's fish dish
・Seasonal potage soup
・Main dish
・Petit fours

Various wines are available.
Ingredients may be changed without notice. Please feel free to contact us.
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Basement Level1F2F3F4F5F

4th Floor Kyo no chaan

Japanese Tea Ceremony
Please try sitting on tatami mats and making Matcha in the tea room, Muryo-an.

■Fee for one person : \2,750 Matcha with Kyoto sweets
Approx. 30 min.
Min. 2 persons (Advanced reservation is recommended)

Our staff will show you how to enjoy the tea ceremony.

 Tukubai (Hand wash basin)
 (Crawling into the tea room through the small entrance)
 Tokonoma (Watching the alcove)

 Matcha (Making and drinking Matcha with sweets)
 Taiseki (Leaving the tea room)
Kyoto sweets may be changed from season to season.
How about having true Japanese tea!
Please drink Ujicha either sitting on tatami mats in the typical Japanese style tea room or at the western style table. We will offer you a true Japanese tea ceremony style atmosphere and delicious tea.


■Usucha and Kyoto sweets
 \1,320 (at table)

 Our staff will serve you Usucha (thin tea).
■Usucha and Kyoto sweets
 \1,650 (on tatami mats)

 Our staff will serve you Usucha in the tea
 room, Muryo-an.
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Basement Level1F2F3F4F5F

5th Floor Kyo no chagu

Japanese tea bowls, plates, cups, glasses, and other tea utensils.
Some of the products sold on this floor are being used at our restaurants.
All the tea related bowls and utensils needed to enjoy real Japanese tea are available here.
Original products only available at this shop!
The staff of Fukujuen Kyoto Flagship Store and famous potters in Kyoto created these original ceramic ware so that you can make Japanese tea more delicious.
■Special tea strainer
The last drop of tea is called "Golden Drop" and therefore is full of the tasty elements of Japanese tea. The strainer used for the Fukujuen’s original tea pots has very small holes that allow you to pour the tea water into the cup to the last drop.
■Kyo-makie-kazari zara
(Kyoto style lacquered plate) \220,000
(Kyoto style Japanese tea leaf container)
■Kyo-makie-kazari Matcha-wan
(Kyoto style lacquered Matcha bowl)
*All listed price are including tax.
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